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What is k-Flow AHR?

k-Flow Ad Hoc Routing (AHR) is designed to provide organisations with the ability to create ad hoc approval processes with full audit capability -- something email was not designed to do!.  The AHR module, which fully integrates into the k-Flow Enterprise Suite, is able to route comments and work items such as documents, files, images and URL's to organisational roles, based on hierarchies (e.g. roles against an organisational chart), or to specific users.  AHR routes are easy to create through choice of a single-page or multi-page wizard and can be simple or quite sophisticated in approach.  A user has complete control over the amount of time a recipient has to complete an activity that has been forwarded and can determine actions based on this time limitation.  Actions could include items such as escalation to a higher role, send to another user or return back to origin.  Further, a user can be notified through the k-Flow client or through email that the work has or has not been completed.  Every single transaction that occurs is tracked and can be reported which can be crucial where quality procedures are in place or accountability is required.

How Does it Work?

The k-Flow AHR system provides a complete infrastructure to forward impromptu time-based, event-driven "work" (i.e. comments and attachments similar to email) to others within an organisation for purposes of review, approval, editing, follow-through, etc. The difference to email is that AHR allows a user to set up simple or sophisticated routes to many roles or users at one time or in an order based on a hierarchy.  Further, the complete process is tracked and may be reported.  A user is able to initiate routes from a choice of starting points.  This could be from the k-Flow client interface, a document management system, or a web-based interface.  As an example, either a multi-page or single-page wizard can be used to create an ad hoc approval process.  The single-page wizard as follows:

Or, the user has a choice of the multi-page wizard as follows:

With the routing wizards, k-Flow AHR can allow a user to establish a series of ordered groupings, of people or roles, with different ranks within an administrative body.  Work is then able to flow and be tracked through this series based on time deadlines to complete activity. This is something that email is not able to achieve. A comparison is provided showing the differences between k-Flow AHR and email as follows:

Suggested Specifications:

Operating System - Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP1, Windows 2000 Server SP1, Windows NT Server 4.0 with service pack 6a, UNIX, Linux with compatible Java VM.

Processor - Dual Pentium III 900 Mhz

Memory - 1 GB

Disk Space - 18 GB available disk space, RAID Array (depends on volumes)



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